Porcelain Doll Greenware

Each of the dolls pictured above are available  for the porcelain  hobby doll maker, and can be purchased  exclusively  though  Cat & Co.

We know you will enjoy reproducing Catherine original full body sculptures and to help you along Catherine has produced all the necessary patterns and accessories needed to complete each doll. Click on the doll image you are interested  in  you will find larger photos and price list.

                                Whats included

Included with the boxed doll green-ware are painting firing and string instructions, you will also find detailed photos  instruction and articles  in the Archives page of the site.


                          How are they made

To create life like forms Catherine works from photos and live models, and puts to use  a life time of artist skills to sculpt a full figure in  porcelain clay. Once completed the arms, legs and head are separates  from the body creating individual pieces that can be handled easily. To enable the sculpture to be duplicated a plaster mould is made and  green wear cast.


                            What is green-wear?

Green-ware is the name of the fine  fragile hollow porcelain cast formed in side the  plaster mould.To create a porcelain doll all imperfection need to be smoothed of the ware’s surface, it is fired in a kiln after this process the  cast is ridged  and is now called bisque or biscuit-ware.

If you would like to make dolls and don't know about the process you will need to fine a teacher in your area an attend classes

               We do not sell bisque or undressed dolls


                            Green-ware and  Soft fired-ware


                Ordering Greenware


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