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Beary GigglyPatterns_Teddybear_Beary_Giggly.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
‘O’ Golly Patterns_Golly_Felt_Dolls.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

These cheeky Teddy Bears and Gollies have been designed by Catherine, with  a unique under mask and bear patterns, enabling the hobby bear maker to reproduce there facial  expressions with out needle sculpting .The are three bear face expressions, happy Baby Bliss, open mouth laughing Beary Giggly holding her rag doll and sleepy Angle with cherubic  fabric wings . Cuddly and round  the bear’s have  five piece movable  jointed bodies, each design having a different leg shape, paws are finished with ultra suede and over stitching  detail

          ‘O’Golly and Miss Molly are all felt cloth dolls having an under-mask also, used  to create  the traditional Golly face . Two sizes are available in both dolls 50 cm  and 37 cm the larger having white button eyes and the small  painted, both side glancing flirty  eyes . Molly and Golly cloths are  felt and detailed patterns and instructions are available for the Gollies and teddies, under-masks are sold separately

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