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Dutch Babay Cupboard Inserts.CATNCO

Miniature Kits 1/144th Scale

Rococo Palace Kit

Price $30.00

Kit contains printed card, resin frame, transparent door insets to complete  unfurnished room as displayed

Items include:

1 Card room box

1 Card  wall panel

1 Printed paper mat

2 Transparent door insets

1 Transparent frame insert

Photographic and text  instructions

Palace Figures & Furniture

1/144th Scale

Fine  hand painted cast metal accessories as displayed in the Rococo Place  are available  separately


Price $22.00

Ladies 1750’s Gown

    Price $12.50 each


Price $10.50

Chaise Lounge

  Price $10.50

Back Wall Length  47 mm

Back Wall Height 30 mm

Floor Depth   30 mm

Wall Depth  30mm

Ceiling Depth 30mm

144 scale French Rococo  Palace kit | CATNCO

Settee & Chairs

Price $16.50 set

Plinth  & Bust

  Out of stock


Out of stock


Out of stock

Bed 1 Room

Dining Room

Bed 2 Room

Bath Room

Kitchen Room

Living Room

Hall Way

All Prices displayed on this web site are in Australian Dollars

Rococo Palace Kit

Trompe l'oeil  French Rococo  /144th Scale Room

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Dutch Baby Cupboard Inserts Linings

1/144th Scale

Designed to slip inside the room caveat of the dutch baby doll house, these convent little card room inserts come pre printed with wall paper, wooden flooring and ceiling rose. Choose from 5 room styles along with hall inserts.

Simply cut and fold each room, secure the side walls and floor leaving the ceil unattached, dress with furniture and trims, fold down the ceiling and slid in to the place.

Price $2.50 each room

Price $2.50 Hall set of three

Cosy Cottage

Water slide decal set

Left Door & Right Door

Hight 5cm x Width 5cm


Blue Bird of Happiness

Water slide decal set

Left Door & Right Door

Hight 7cm x Width 3.5cm


Sewing Room Room

  Fire place

Price $5.50

Side Cupboard

  Price $5.50

Water Slide Transfer Decals

Outside and Inside

Cupboard doors

1940's Kitchen

Bed 1 Room