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       Interested in miniature dollhouse, dolls and accessories that are individual hand crafted then this is the place for you !

We work in dollhouse  sizes 1/12th, 1/24th, and 1/144 in an array of mediums,

porcelain, resin, paper, wood and composite.

Our original designs include printed kits in ⅟ 12th,

⅟ 24th, ⅟ 48th scale, furniture, and room display kits. Including loverly accessories for you to complete and display with the era themed packaging.

If you have a particular colour scheme in your dolls house we  would be happy to customise items to suit your needs

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Vintage Ladies wear and


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Miniature doll house 1/12thscale Mannequin  Dummy Kits|CATNCO

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