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Amelia Doll dressed in 1877 era white  and pink silk
Doll Mannequin Body 17''

Amelia Greenware.

Standing Height

17”~ 43 cm Full Porcelain with movable head

Head, Body, Arms, Legs

Porcelain Green-ware $69.00

Soft-fire $79.00

Cleaning, Firing, Painting and stringing

Instructions included with Green wear

Single Arms & Legs $9.00

Head  $13.00

Body $20.00

Greenware can be pre-order and delivered to shows

we also soft-fire  on request

All postage National and Internationally must be soft fired

Dress Pattern

Amelia 1877 

Princess line Ensemble ~ 1877

Fashioned after Princess Alexander

Jacket, Skirt, Petticoat, Stocking Corset, Combination and Shoe patterns included.

Text and photographic instructions included

Pattern  $16.50

Heel Sole $7.00


Composition ready to paint or cover  $ 20.00

Stand for Mannequin

Wooden Dowel & Resin legs


Umbrella Handle Resin

length 3’~8cm


Amelia’s hat  was made on

Millinery  Hat Block Set


set of two crowns one brim block


                       How to order

Amelia  Resin

Umbrella handle


Fashion doll Pattern 1877 era

Amelia 1877’s Dress Pattern


    Shoe Sole

Length  6.5 cm


Stand For Mannequin


Mannequin Body


All Prices displayed on this web site are in Australian Dollars

Doll hat making millinery hat block shapes works with
 straw, braid, wool felt or cap net. A number of hat
 and bonnet styles can be created, changing the crowns to 
suit different eras in millinery fashion.

Amelia 1877’s hat has been made using our chartwheel hat block more information