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                   Shoe Sole

Length  6.5 cm


1750‘s Corset Pattern


Georgette 1750’s

Dress Pattern


All Prices displayed on this web site are in Australian Dollars

Georgette Greenware.

Georgette Standing Height

18 1/2”~ 45 cm

Full Porcelain with movable head

Head, Body, Arms, Legs

Porcelain Green-ware $71.00

Soft-fire $81.00

Cleaning, Firing, Painting and stringing

Instructions included with Green wear

Single Arms & Legs $9.00

Head  $13.00

Body $20.00

Greenware can be pre-order and delivered to shows

we also soft-fire  on request

All postage National and Internationally must be soft fired

Dress Pattern Georgette 

 Georgette 1750’s Dress  Pattern

French influence dress of the 1750‘s era

Skirt and bodice stitched as one,  stomacher detached.  Petticoat, Side panner hoop, Stocking, Corset, Bloomers and Shoe patterns suitable for era included.

Pattern $18.50

Heel Sole



Composition ready to paint or cover


Stand for Mannequin

Wooden Dowel & Resin legs


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Stand For Mannequin


    For ease of making

this straw hat can now be formed on our new hat and brim blocks

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Mannequin Body